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Fishing East Lodge

Corporate Days

Our corporate days include lunch, fine wine/champagne combined with some of the best fly-fishing. This is your day so we can structure the day around you.

8:30/9am – Breakfast
A full morning fishing
12:30 – Drinks & Canapés
13:00 – Lunch including champagne & fine wine
16:00 – Afternoon tea

Guests are welcome to stay and fish the evening rise. Rates include 2 gillies, rods, reels etc can be provided.

Day rods

When the beat is otherwise unbooked we are happy to take individual rods for the day. In this case we prefer if groups are a minimum of 2 people. Catering/equipment not included.

We do not provide catering or equipment hire for these days but are very happy to recommend places to eat in the vicinity Rates vary on availability and the time of year.


We have two syndicates made up of 5 rods each who fish the beat throughout the season. They fish Mondays and Wednesdays meaning these days are not available to hire. currently fully subscribed.

The syndicates are well established and currently fully subscribed. However, from time to time, rods do become available.

If you are interested in joining the waiting list for a syndicate please contact us.


What clothing do I require?

East Lodge is made up of water meadows so banks can be soft. Wellies are recommended but not provided by East Lodge. Sadly we are at the mercy of the English climate so be prepared for all eventualities!

What are the fishing rules?

We want all our guests to enjoy their day as much as possible so we do not have a rule book. However, we believe that everyone enjoys the experience far more if traditional etiquette is observed – e.g. upstream fishing, moving consistently and not “hogging” a particular stretch etc

What fish are in the river?

The river is stocked with brown Trout. However there is also a resident population of wild brown trout, along with a good number of grayling. At the right time of year one would expect to see salmon and various coarse fish. We do not stock rainbow trout.

Do I require my own equipment?

All fishing kit (rods, nets, flies) can be provided by East Lodge. However if you have your own kit please bring it along.

Can one wade in the river?

There is no wading at East Lodge due to deep waters in various places.

What flies do I require?

The million dollar question! The short answer is that we have a wide selection and our experienced gillies can help you identify the hatches. The
longer answer is to spend a lifetime studying the subject. A good selection would include:
• April and early May – hawthorns, March Browns
• Late May and early June – Mayfly
• Summer – smaller flies including CDCs, black gnats, olives, Tups indispensable.
• Autumn – sedges
• Daddy Long Legs and various attractor patterns (humpies, Grey and Red Wulffs) can be successful throughout the year when all else fails

Are dogs allowed?

Provided your fellow anglers don’t object we welcome dogs on the beat

Do I need to tip?

Tipping should be a reward for good service. If you feel you have had a good day and have been well looked after by our staff, a tip would be appreciated. However, it is entirely up to you.